Keller-Kirn Nature Park

Trail Mileage Calculator

This provides a calculator for determining total trail mileage. Clicking the mouse while over a trail segment distance will add that trail length to the distance total.

Notes on the Mileage Calculator.

The topographic map is on the scale of 990 pixels/mile.

Official Lancaster City Parks website:

Keller-Kirn Nature Park.

The topographic map is adapted from the maps at the Libre Map Project and is licensed under a Creative Commons License.

Directions to Keller-Kirn Nature Park

From the Columbus area:

Take Rte. 33 southeast from Columbus. Just past Carroll, when the bypass starts, do not take the bypass. Instead, stay to the right heading towards Lancaster. At the very next light, Coonpath Road, turn left (east). Take Coonpath Road 4.5 miles to Stringtown Road. Stringtown Road is the 3rd stop sign. Turn right (south) on Stringtown Road, and take it 2.7 miles to the entrance to Keller-Kirn Park, on your right. On Stringtown, you'll cross Rainbow Drive (stop sign), and make a sharp right when Mondhank comes in from the left. The park itself comes shortly after a sharp left followed by a sharp right.

From Lancaster:

Head north on OH 37 past the fairgrounds. When OH 37 sharply curves right just past Rising Park, instead go straight, staying on N. High/Stringtown Road. Park entrance is on the left just before the sharp left.