Southeast Ohio Hiking Areas

Check out the Ohio Barefoot Hikers website. If you've never tried barefoot hiking, it's a whole new hiking sensation, and it is easier than you think.

These maps reflect my years of hiking in various parks in southeastern Ohio. In almost all cases, I have personally hiked each trail marked on the maps (though in some instances the trails have been merely taken from other maps). If a trail appears on a mileage map with a distance, that means I have personally hiked the trail and noted where the trail runs.

And yes, I have hiked each and every one of these trails barefooted.

These are not all the maps I have, but all the ones that I have converted to maps using open sources (in other words, the ones I feel comfortable putting on a web site). As I convert more of my other maps, expect more sites to be added, including Wildcat Hollow and parts of Shawnee.

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