Great Seal State Park

Trail Mileage Calculator

This provides a calculator for determining total trail mileage. Clicking the mouse while over a trail segment distance will add that trail length to the distance total.

Notes on the Mileage Calculator.

The topographic map is on the scale of 660 pixels/mile. Each page-sized map is approximately 1 mi x 1.75 mi.

The boundary of the park will be marked by a yellow dotted line. This boundary information is taken from and Ross County Tax Maps.

Official Great Seal State Park website:

Park Information.
Park Map (PDF).

The topographic map is adapted from the maps at the Libre Map Project and is licensed under a Creative Commons License.

Directions to Great Seal State Park

From the Columbus area:

Come south on either US23 or State Route 159. At Delano Road, go east (left), 1½ miles from US 23 or 1 mile from State Route 159. Turn right (south) on Marietta Road (north of Delano it is called Sulphur Springs Rd.) and go approximately ½ mile. The entrance to Great Seal State Park is on your left.