Cantwell Cliffs (Hocking Hills)

Trail Mileage Calculator

This provides a calculator for determining total trail mileage. Clicking the mouse while over a trail segment distance will add that trail length to the distance total.

Notes on the Mileage Calculator.

The topographic map is on the scale of 660 pixels/mile.

Cantwell Cliffs is a unit of the Hocking Hills State Park and Hocking State Forest. Since it is not physically connected to the other units, it is presented here separately.

The boundary of the state park/forest is marked by a yellow dotted line. This boundary information is taken from the Hocking County Tax Maps.

Official ODNR websites:

Hocking Hills State Park.
Hocking State Forest.

The topographic map is adapted from the maps at the Libre Map Project and is licensed under a Creative Commons License.

Directions to Cantwell Cliffs

From the Columbus area:

Take US 33 south taking the bypass past Lancaster. Near Rockbridge turn right onto State Route 374. Take it 6 miles to the Cantwell Cliffs parking lot. (Take care, the road does a lot of winding with a couple of impressive hairpin curves.)