Customer Service Policy




For the orderly operation of the Fairfield County District Library facilities, the Board of Trustees establishes the following code of conduct for library visitors:

Library visitors must act in a polite, orderly manner when using library facilities and dealing with library staff for any reason. Disruptive or inappropriate behavior is any behavior that library personnel judge to interfere with visitorsí full use of library services or the ability of staff to carry out their duties. To ensure that your visit is pleasant and productive, please observe the following:

Shouting, screaming, loud conversation, or language which is rude, abusive, profane or vulgar is prohibited.

Loitering, running, shoving, fighting, spitting or throwing objects is prohibited.

Playing personal audio equipment at a volume high enough for others to hear is prohibited.

Using cell phones in a manner that disturbs others is prohibited. Please turn off your phone or turn off the ringer when entering the Library.

Threatening, harassing or physically harming library staff or other visitors is prohibited.

Library facilities, materials, furniture and/or equipment must be used for their intended purposes. Please keep feet on the floor, not on tables or chairs. For safety sake, do not tip back on chairs and do not block aisles or shelving with personal items.

Computer workstations are generally intended for individual use. Due to noise and space considerations, no more than two (2) users may gather at a computer workstation at one time.

Use of another customerís FCDL public Internet access is prohibited. Accounts will be blocked if given to another user. Once blocked, reapplication for access, including proof of identification, will be required.

No eating, drinking or sleeping in library facilities with the following exceptions: Water in sealable containers is permitted. Consuming beverages and foods purchased from a vending machine located on Library premises is also permitted.

Smoking is banned in all enclosed public places and places of employment. As per the smoking ban, this includes areas immediately adjacent to the entrances and exits of public places as well as enclosed patios or covered porches and entryways. Use of any tobacco products, lighters, matches or other combustible devices is prohibited.

Use of alcohol or illegal drugs is prohibited.

Shirt and shoes must be worn in any library facility. If a child has learned to walk, the child must wear shoes.

Neglecting body hygiene so that it gives offense constitutes a nuisance to other customers.

Animals may not enter any library facility unless they are needed to assist a visitor with a disability.

"Staff Only" areas are off limits to the public unless accompanied by a staff member.

Photography/videotaping of any kind within a library facility is prohibited without permission from a Library supervisor.

Soliciting contributions or signatures, or conducting surveys inside or immediately outside a library facility is prohibited without permission of Library Administration.

Posting or distributing materials on Library property is prohibited without permission of Library Administration.

Children under the age of six (6) must be accompanied by an adult in any library facility. Responsibility for their safety and behavior rests with their parents or guardians, not with library staff. In the interest of safety, children may not climb/sit on counters, railings, tables or shelving.

Firearms or weapons of any kind are prohibited on library property. On-duty law enforcement personnel are exempted from this rule, provided they are duly sworn members of a governmental law enforcement agency and are engaged in official agency business. On-duty law enforcement personnel must notify library staff of their presence and provide proof of their law enforcement status upon request.

Under Title 29 of the Ohio Revised Code, anyone who knowingly moves, defaces, vandalizes, damages, destroys or otherwise improperly tampers with Library property is liable to prosecution. Anyone who intentionally deprives the Library of property without following proper procedures is liable to prosecution.

Engaging in public sexual behavior, including but not limited to public indecency, viewing obscene material or offensive touching is prohibited.

Engaging in any of these activities or any other illegal behavior may result in temporary or permanent loss of Library privileges. These rules will be strictly enforced.

The Library is not responsible for personal belongings left unattended or left behind.

This code of conduct will be posted for public viewing in every Library facility.