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Date Reported: 3-31-97 Time Reported: 7:15 PM
Nature of Incident: Foot injury
Location: Northern Lights
Date Occurred: 3-31-97 Time Occurred: 6:55 PM
Person Involved: TN (father),
JN (child-age 2)
Telephone: 337-xxxx
Address: xxxxxxx
Details of Incident: (Who, What, When, Where, Why)
Child was coming out of the women's restroom barefoot while other person (CJ-phone 848-xxxx) was entering the closed door. Child's toe was caught in the door and began bleeding. Parents requested that staff call 911. Paramedics came and cleaned and bandaged foot, recommended that parents follow up with a visit to the doctor. Paramedics stated that one toenail was torn back causing bleeding, but that injury was not serious.
Person Reporting: Kristin Pearson, Library Asst. Same as above:    

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