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Date Reported: 7/14/97 Time Reported: 2:35 pm
Nature of Incident: Man urinated on chair & floor
Location: Northside
Date Occurred: 7/14/97 Time Occurred: 2:35 pm
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A man using the reading area — urinated on chair (lounge) and the floor. The chair is fully saturated. Security asked the man to leave. The man refused to give S/O Wilson his name. S/O Wilson evicted the man for one/1 full week. Custodian cleaned & removed chair — chary may need professionally cleaned.
Person Reporting: Kristin Shelley Same as above:    
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Extra notes written in margins:

One week eviction per procedure 7/16/97.
Evicted til 7/22/97. return on 7/22/97. S/O Wilson.
645-xxxx Forrest Sorensen — needs to talk w/ man before coming to