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Date Reported: 1-9-98 Time Reported: 1:30 pm
Nature of Incident: Sewer back-up to restrooms
Location: Gahanna
Date Occurred: 1-8-98 & 1-9-98 Time Occurred: evening & 12:30 pm
Person(s) Involved: M. Veracka reporting manager Telephone:    
Details of Incident: (Who, What, When, Where, Why)
evening on 1/8/98 sewer backed up into restrooms drains & floor maintenance cleanded up & said road work might have caused about 12:30 1/9/98 sewer again backed up into restrooms manager talked to contractor & plumber for building project . . . They checked drains & lines and said appears t-shirt or some item was flushed & now clogging drain afternoon on 1/8 there was a bathroom trashed (sprayed w/ urine & writing on mirror) in retrospect believe related Ed Straight notified & rotoroter to come out.
Person Reporting: M. Veracka / manager Same as above:  X 
Security Notified     report number:     date: 10-11-98