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Date Reported: 10-12-98 Time Reported: 1:44 PM
Nature of Incident: Human Waste on RestRoom floor
Location: Main Library — 3rd Floor men's Public Restroom
Date Occurred: 10-10-98 Time Occurred: 5:30
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on the above date and time, the B+T Staff reported that a customer toldthem that in the men's Public restroom on the 3rd floor, there was feces on the floor inside of stall area. John Henderson (Unit #19) went up to the restroom to investigate, and found feces on the floor as reported. Unit #19 told someone from I.S.S. custodial services about the feces on the floor in the 3rd floor men's restroom. –END–
Person Reporting: ofc. Mullins Same as above:    
Security Notified  X  report number:     date: 10-10-98