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Date Reported: 10-11-98 Time Reported: 11:30 a.m.
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Location: 96 S. Grant 3rd fl. mens Public Restroom
Date Occurred: 10-11-98 Time Occurred: 11:30 a.m.
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When I came to work on sunday, I was on my rounds on the third floor I checked the restrooms in the mens I found someones B.M. on the floor on the left side of the toilet. The odor was real bad, so I didn't bother it, when James the custodian came in at 12:54p. I asked him to get that situation taken care of please before we opened. Came to find out from Eric that he had called the custodians on Saturday about this situation on the 3rd floor restroom mens. Sunday I also called Henry Martin to let him know that no one Saturday cleaned this mess up before the next working day. Off. Duayne A. Wilson.
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Security Notified  X  report number:     date: 10-11-98