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Date Reported: 6-30 Time Reported: 4:45 PM Date Occurred: 6-30 Time Occurred: 4:45 PM
Nature of Incident/Accident/Illness Patrons urinated all over men's bathroom.
Library/Branch/Location: Hilltop Specific Location: Men's Bathroom
Person Involved: Mr. CC, B, PH
Telephone: B, PH / Mother AB - 279-xxxx
Address: xxxxxxx
Details of Incident: (Who, What, When, Where, Why)
At 4:45 Pm the employee from MasterClean co. came into the office. He said he was highly upset because two boys had urinated all over the bathroom. They were standing outside the door and I told them I needed to see them in the office. I asked them if they had urinated all over the bathroom. They said yes to the crime. The man from master clean made me beleive that it was far more serious than it was. I had evicted the to boys for one year for defacing property.

Sex: M Race: W Age: 9-13 Height:     Weight:    
Name (if known): B, PR (cousins)

[Note: names and personal info abbreviated to protect privacy.]