Columbus Metropolitan Library


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Date Reported: 6-21 Time Reported: 6:30 AM Date Occurred: 6-20 Time Occurred: PM
Nature of Incident/Accident/Illness Bodily fluids (solid waste)
Library/Branch/Location: Whitehall (32) Specific Location: Mens Restroom
Person Involved: Unknown
Details of Incident: (Who, What, When, Where, Why)
When I arrived, a note was attached to My Locker directing me to a mess in the mens restroom. There I discovered feced in the urinal, on the floor by the commode, smeared on the seat, lid, tank and on the wall surrounding the commode. I removed the feces from the urinal, cleand and sanitized it, scrubbed the seat, Lid, and tank, then sanitized it, cleaned and sanitized the wall and floor surrounding commode.