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Date Reported: 8/8/00 Time Reported: 4:40 PM Date Occurred: 8/8/00 Time Occurred: ?
Nature of Incident/Accident/Illness Human feces spread over Men's Public Restroom
Library/Branch/Location: Whitehall Branch Library Specific Location: Men's Public Restroom
Person Involved:    
Details of Incident: (Who, What, When, Where, Why)
Arrpoximately 4:10 pm a customer reported that there was a problem in the Men's Rest Room. Upon investigation, LA Terry Kneisley found that human feces was spread around the men's rest room. A staff member at that time reported that when she came in through the front lobby previous to her shift (approximately 1:45) that she smelled a terible smell. The rest room was closed and Custodial Services was contacted for clean-up.