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Date Reported: 1/3/01 Time Reported: 3:50 PM Date Occurred: 1/2/01 Time Occurred: 7:00 PM
Nature of Incident/Accident/Illness Chair at the Kids Computer broke and splintered
Library/Branch/Location: Whitehall Branch Specific Location: First Kids computer in the children's area
Person Involved: Did not give name
Details of Incident: (Who, What, When, Where, Why)
I heard loud noise coming from the children's area and went to check. A man was standing by what was left of of one of the kids computer chairs. The back had broken and the chair splintered into several pieces. I ask him if he was all right and he said he was Ok and that the chair had broken. I picked up the pieces and ask again if he was all right. He said he was OK. I checked all the other customer chairs like the one that had broken and found three more that were shaky and likely to fall apart. These were moved tothe staff room. Dennis Bailey, Maintenance Tech., looked at them and agreed they were unsafe. The chairs will not be repaired and will be discarded.