Date Approved: 06/25/97               Effective: 06/25/97
Approved By:  Executive Director
                                      File Code: 20.142

Visitors or customers who fail to abide by the Library's
policies are subject to having their library privileges
suspended and/or being evicted from premises of the Columbus
Metropolitan Libary.

Evictioin or suspesion of library privileges will be based
upon the attached administrative procedural guidelines.
Evictions and suspensions may be decided upon and imposed by
the Executive Director, Assistant Executive Director,
Director or Assistant Directors of Extension, Extension
Branch Manager, Director or Assistant Director of Main
Library, Main Library Division Manager, Manager or Assistant
Manager of Security Services, and Security Officers.

In cases where the patron refuses to comply with an initial
verbal warning to cease their inappropraite behavior, they
may be evicted according to the attached guidelines
recommended under the second violation for infractions.

Security Officers and Branch/Division Managers may exact
evictions *up to 7 days*.  Periods greater than this will
require approval of the Manager of Security Services, or one
of the above listed Directors.  If in the opinion of the
Security Officer, or Branch/Division Manager, the infraction
of the individual justifies an eviction for more than 7
days, they will advise the person that they are not
permitted on the premises pending review of their case.  The
Security Officer, or Branch/Division Manager, will then
refer the matter to the Manager of Security Services for
review, and decision on the final terms of their eviction.
When possible, the patron being expelled, or in the case of
juvenile, his/her parents/guardians, should be provided with
written notification about the reasons for, and length of
their eviction.

All staff should warn patrons immediately when improper
conduct is observed or reported, so the person has the
opporunity to correct their behavior.  Whenever possible,
warnings and evictions issued to a patron should be witnessed
by another staff member.

Staff should attempt to identify the patron being evicted by
name.  If additional information can be obtained, such as
address, telephone number, and patron number, staff should
record these as well.  Such particulars are to be forwarded
to the Manager of Security Services with detail about the
eviction, including date, time and location of the
situation.  The Manager of Security Services will ensure
this material is kept on file.  The Manager of Security
Services, or his/her designee, will furnish a monthly report
listing currently evicted patrons to the Division Managers
of Main Library, the Branch and Division Managers of
Extension, the Department Directors, Assistant Department
Directors, the Assistant Executive Director, and Executive

In some instances, the repeated misbehavior of individuals
or the seriousness of their actions, may indicate that a
longer eviction than that indicated in the administrative
guidelines is appropriate.  In such circumstances, the
patron committing the infraction should be advised that they
are evicted until their case is reviewed with the Manager of
Security Services.  The Manager of Security Services should
then be contacted and consulted about the problem patron.
The Manager of Security Services is authorized to extend an
eviction period up to one year, where justified.  Eviction
periods of more than one year require the approval of the
Executive Director.

Eviction Guidelines
-------- ----------

Patrons and visitors must behave in a socially acceptable
manner while on the premises of the Columbus Metropolitan
Library.  Guidelines for addressing infractions and evicting
persons from library property are:

        Infraction Type           1st Violation     2nd     3rd

01  Inappropriate dress, to       WARNING, AND     SAME    SAME
    include but not be limited    ASKED TO LEAVE
    to: no shirts and no shoes.   PREMISES TO
    Presenting offensive and      CORRECT THE
    pervasive odor or odors       PROBLEM.
    which constitute a
    nuisance to other
    customers or staff.

. . .

03  Creating any unreasonable     WARNING          1 DAY   7 DAY
    noise, including loud                        EVICTION EVICTION
    talking, singing, running,
    boisterous activity and
    the playing of audio or
    video equipment which
    disturbs other customers
    or staff.

. . .