Date Approved:  03/04/96                  Effective:  03/04/96
Approved By:  Board of Trustees
                                          File Code: 20.14

The following are prohibited in the Library by either the policies of
the Board, or fire and health regulations:

   1) Smoking in all service areas including meeting rooms and

   2) Eating and drinking in public service areas, except for
      official Library functions.

   3) Pets, with the exception of animals serving impaired
      and/or disabled patrons.

   4) Loud or abusive language.

   5) Sleeping.

   6) Action which is disruptive or distracting to others.

   7) Making harassing phone calls to staff.

Staff who observe any of these actions should politely ask the patron
to stop.  Action to be taken by staff who observe vandalism, theft or
other criminal acts can be located in the policy on vandalism

Parents are responsible for their children's behavior in the library,
even if the parents are not present.  If a child or youth is
bothersome or unruly, the library staff should make every attempt to
restore appropriate library behavior.  If it is determined that a
child is lost of left unattended, the library staff will attempt to
locate the parent(s).  Failing in this, Security is to be notified.
In case of the child who is unattended at closing (including
emergency), the library staff should try to notify the parent.  If
they cannot, the police should be called and the child should be
reported as abandoned.  Security should be notified.

Patrons who fail to abide by the Library's policies are subject to
having their library privileges suspended and/or being evicted from
Library facilities.