January 31, 2001

Dear Mr. Neinast:

I have been asked to respond to your recent letter to
Board President, David Swaddling.  Because you seem to
be attempting to raise a legal question of the source
of the Board's and Director's authority to make rules
governing the manner of dress required to use a public
library, I have forwarded your letter to the Franklin
County Prosecutor's Office and requested that he draft
a reply.

Concering the other questions you raised: 1) Members
of the public may address the Board of Trustees at
its regularly scheduled meetings.  If you wish to do
so, please call me at 645-2800 and I will place your
name on the agenda.  Attached is a list of when meetings
are scheduled, however, from time to time, the time
and/or place changes and I suggest that you call my
office to ascertain when and where a given meeting will
be held.  2) Photocopies of the minutes of the Board
meeting may be obtained by paying $.25 per page, plus
delivery costs.  However, there is no information about
your request in the minutes.  The only discussion that
has occurred was a verbal conversation between the
Board President and myself.

You will be receiving a letter from the County Prosecutor's
office shortly.


Larry D. Black