Mr. David C. Swaddling, President
Board of Trustees
Columbus Metropolitan Library
96 S. Grant Ave.
Columbus, OH 43215-4781

Dear Mr. Swaddling:

I am responding to your reply to me dated December 14,
2000, regarding the lack-of-footwear eviction procedure
in the library.

I am not satisfied with your reply, especially considering
that your decision is unaccompanied by any rationale and disregards
all the evidence I presented to you.  Please detail in what
fashion a rule prohibiting a non-disruptive mode of dress falls
under Mr. Black's authority or the Board's power to "[m]ake and
publish rules for the proper operation and management of the free
public library . . .," as authorized by the Ohio Revised Code

Next, I would like to point out some possible constitutional
implications of your rule.  Public libraries are designated public
forums (Kreimer v. Morristown,  958 F.2d 1242), and, as such, are
required to operate within the bounds of the 1st Amendment.  As far
as I can tell, the library rule does not do so.  I have enclosed an
essay, "Libraries, Bare Feet, and the First Amendment" with more
information on this issue.

Finally, when and where are the meetings of the Board of Trustees
of the Columbus Metropolitan Library?  I would like to be put on
the mailing list for notification of these meetings.  Is the general
public allowed to speak at these meetings? Are minutes taken, and
how does one get copies of these minutes?

Please reconsider your position regarding lack of footwear in the
library. Thank you.