November 15, 2000

Ms. Chris Taylor, Assistant Director
Columbus Metropolitan Library
96 S. Grant Ave.
Columbus, OH 43215-4781

Dear Ms. Taylor:

I thoroughly enjoyed meeting and talking with you last Friday, 
when we discussed my going barefoot in the library.  As a cour-
tesy, I have included for you a copy of the letter I have written to 
the Director, Mr. Larry Black.

Also, in our discussion, you were concerned about liability issues 
and said that you would be checking your insurance policy for 
any reference to bare feet, or requiring footwear.  As I stated at 
the time, in checking with a number of other policies, I have 
turned up no such requirement.  However, I would appreciate it if 
you would send me the results of your inquiry.

Thank you very much for your time and attention.


                                                   Robert A. Neinast